Rogue Bike Lanes in Spokane

Metro Wichita – Rogue Bike lanes In Spokane Indicate Underground Cyclist Uprising

It was just this spring that we had a row of toilet plungers show up as barriers to guard a bike lane from the motor vehicles. Wrapped in reflective tape, they were replaced by the city with actual barrier posts within a few weeks. (


We were all impressed with the good humor of the city in meeting the wishes of our cycling community and providing that light weight safety barrier where requested.

We also saw a similar situation happen in Omaha, where plungers were used, but the city wasn’t quite as amused. The plungers were gone within 4 hours. It seems their city wasn’t as open to suggestions as Wichita has proven to be.

That leads us to the current story of spray painted bike lanes in Spokane, WA. City officials there weren’t too concerned with the addition of the unofficial lane, since it is in an area that used to be marked as a lane. They are open to replacing the markings but feel that they have some safer options available.

Which brings us to the point of how grateful I am for Wichita City Officials’ willingness to hear their people in good humor. Since our own little plunger incident, we’ve seen the city step up more than ever to protect the cycling community.

With the expansion of dedicated bicycle routes through the city growing to nearly 100 miles, the influx of daily bicycle commuters and recreational riders means that the new focus on cyclist safety is a must.

If you are wondering what to do about all the new road markings and signs and how to drive around the multitude of cyclists that are utilizing the roads, check out this video that the City of Wichita produced to educate drivers and cyclists on cyclings laws and road markings.